BYO Book Club

May to October

(weather permitting)

I love reading and I love book clubs...well, I love the idea of a book club. But often it doesn't quite work out as planned. Maybe you ran out of time to read the book, or maybe you just hated it. It happens! I get it!

"Bring Your Own Book" means you get to choose the book every month based on what YOU want to read, not the consensus of the group.

What else should you bring? 

  • Lawn chair or camping chair

  • Non-alcoholic drink + personal snacks

  • Blanket (please dress for the weather)

  • Mask (non-surgical is fine)

Why "bring your own"?

The "hand sell"

When we meet for the "discussion" part of the Book Club, now is your chance

to "hand sell" the book to the group! Tell us a bit about the plot (what the book is about), why you like it, and why you think other folks might like it. Out of respect for the diversity of the group, please come prepared with Content Notes and Trigger Warnings. If you need help with this, please let me know!

Pandemic Precautions


In-person meetups are hosted in the park behind Ritchie Community League. There is a parking lot beside the hall, with a ramp to access the sidewalk leading into the park. There is no ASL interpreter at this time. If you have a vision impairment and need assistance finding the group once on site, please let me know ahead of time and I will give you my cell phone number to call once you arrive.

Event Rundown for anxiety preparation:

- Land Acknowledgement

- Introductions (for example: "Hi my name is Lisa, I use she/her pronouns and my favourite book genre is SFF")

- Each attendee will have the opportunity to say a few words about their chosen book; you may pass when it gets to your turn (just say "I'll pass thanks!")

- Time for smaller group/1-on-1 chats

- I will ask each attendee to say which book they want to read next; again, you may pass when it gets to your turn

- I will say goodnight and wish everyone safe travels home

We will always follow the Alberta Health Services Guidelines for public outdoor gatherings. That being said, I have also put together the following "Pandemic Precautions". If you have specific requests or questions that aren't addressed below, please get in touch!

  • Outdoor meetup allowing for appropriate physical distancing

  • Maximum 10 people

  • Everyone brings their own drinks (non-alcoholic) and snacks - no sharing!

  • Masks encouraged

  • Attendance is taken to allow for "contact tracing"

  • Art Night - May 31
    Google Meet
    May 31, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. MDT
    Google Meet
    You MUST RSVP - no matter what the button says! ;-) Art Night is a free time to get together with other crafty folks, but in the comfort of your own home!