Perennial Redistribution

Let Me Help You...

This idea started out as a way for me to do more digging in the dirt - I can't get enough - and maybe help some folks who for whatever reason couldn't take care of their garden. It gained speed, and depth, and breadth in June 2020 as a response to events happening in the world, and some "mutual aid"/personal reparations I watched happen in real time online. The long and short of it is:

- I weed your garden bed(s)

- I take a piece of a perennial plant from your garden and redistribute it

...then you can help others!

Once I have collected the perennial, I take it to a community organization whose space could use a little refresh!

FAQs and the "Fine Print"

For safety reasons, I ask that if you have any pets or children to please keep them

inside while I'm weeding.

I bring all of my own tools and equipment, and remove all weeds that I pick.

I don't use any pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals.

I don't pick up animal waste.

Typical weeds: dandelion, crab grass, thistle, saplings. NOTE: I don't typically weed

yards with creeping bellflower, as this is a highly invasive weed. If you aren't sure

what type of weeds you have in your garden, please reach out and I can at least

come and do a quick evaluation!

Typical perennials: hosta, iris, lily (various), fern, poppy, dianthus