Accountability Club 2021 - Now Open for New Members

For some reason, every time I sit down to write about Accountability Club I get a mental block. It is consistently hard for me to communicate what this Club is all about, so I asked for some help.

“I am so grateful that Lisa created this platform last year. Joining has been so beneficial for me. I now find I have more focus in my life and less beating up myself for not getting things done how I originally planned. We’re all on our own journey but A-Club helps you see how even micro-steps are growth and moving forward. Looking forward to this year!” -KV

I started Accountability Club thanks in part to my word for 2020 - Belonging - and my belief that if I couldn’t find the thing I wanted to join I would build it myself. I had no idea what I was doing, as I had never organized anything like this before. I had grand plans for monthly in person meetings, and building worksheets for everyone to use, and then the pandemic happened. We quickly moved to online meetings - which turned out to be amazing - and I realized that the connections were more important than the worksheets.

I also realized that our little group did not “fit” in with what I had read online about other Accountability Clubs. Those ones seemed to be filled with sales quotas, and measurable statistics, and A-Type personalities. All of the rules that I had assumed would need to be in place for an Accountability Club to be successful felt wrong for us. So we threw those out as well.

This Accountability Club focuses less on numbers and stats, and more on feelings and taking care. I call this accountability for neuroatypical types, which is a fancy way of welcoming the folks who don’t feel like they belong in a typical Accountability Club.


I wrote more about Accountability Well, that’s a super cool way to advertise a club that other people can join.

The official Accountability Club page lives here. If this even sounds remotely interesting to you, please take a peek there and then send me an email if you have any questions.

Our first online meet up will be Sunday, February 28, from 9:00 to 10:00 am MST. RSVP here. We've got a few folks from last year's group who liked it so much, they are joining up again for 2021! This first meet up will cover:

  • introductions (including pronouns)

  • boundaries and "Core Values"

  • Q & A with 2020 attendees

Join us on the 28th to decide if Accountability Club is right for you!

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