August Reflections & September "Goals"

Updated: Sep 17, 2020


What the heck, August? Why are you this way? Is it COVID? Is it 2020? Wait, is it me?!

(August wasn't a wash, clearly. But my brain is a great liar, and that's why I take photos and write shit down. For evidence. Against my brain...)


Every year I see posts about how September feels like new year, a fresh start. A lot of it is the “back to school vibes” that are still out there despite all the COVID stuff that’s literally changed how we do everything. I think for some folks in certain areas, the change in season plays a big part as well. Folks where I am from all start posting about how “fall is here” literally on the same day because of the feeling in the air (I am not joking...long-time Edmontonians can feel fall in the air even if they don’t realize that is what they’re doing.) I cannot put into words that will do this justice, but it’s in the smell of the air, the cold bite of the breeze. It’s in the colour of the sky in the morning and at sunset. The way the shadows change. This is the place for a poet, and that’s not me!

September is a transition month. We watch summer die, and get our first feel for the winter to come. Kids go back to school, routine, schedules. On a personal note, it’s my birthday, so I literally transition from one year to another. All of this makes for a mix of joy and sorrow.

It also brings up some feelings around goals, for me at least. Setting new ones, evaluating and assessing my current path and intentions. I have learned A LOT about myself and how my brain works (and doesn’t “work”) over the past few years, and this year especially. It has been really hard knowing that my brain doesn’t work like everyone else’s. The systems I see working for successfully for other folks will never work for me.


Do you know the difference between a goal and a habit? How about a goal and a system? Does it matter? Does it help? Setting goals can be overwhelming for many folks, and it (surprisingly or maybe not) does not help me to learn about the “right” and “wrong” ways to do it. Right for who?!

Currently, these are my parameters for goal/intention setting:

  1. Challenging, but not impossible

  2. Doesn’t make me feel like crap about myself

  3. Helps me be my best self

Here are three intentions I am setting for myself to observe over the next 30 days. There are no hard deadlines or metrics for achievement. There is only daily noticing and practicing. It’s no joke that one of these intentions boils down to GET SOME REST.

Time + Media + Rest

This one is inspired by: Nap Ministry Rest Practice Guiding Principle #1

Do not argue or debate with strangers online. This is valuable daydreaming and “resting my eyes” time. Social media and technology is leading us to the path of exhaustion. Detox regularly.

While I have stopped arguing with people online, I still feel exhausted after long bursts on Instagram. This intention is based on awareness of that time and making time to rest instead.

Be Outside

My brain gets busy. When that happens, and I have eleventy billion thoughts and ideas fighting for purchase, I know that I do best by moving my body. But right now “exercise” feels “not right”. Thankfully, there are a lot of chores I can do in my yard. Picking up apples, digging potatoes, watering plants, and my personal favourite, moving dirt around. Yes please. More of this


First off, THANK GODDESS FOR LIBRARIES. While I navigate how I want to share this huge part of my life on here - reading goals, book lists, TBR, reviews - I wanted to at the very least share this. I created three categories for my reading goals for this New 2020 Year. I will be slotting books into these categories as I go, with the ultimate goal to have a more directed reading purpose for the rest of the year. I haven’t quite “achieved” my total numbers goal, so while this new focus will help get me there, it’s not the whole point.

Watch for another post about this because it’s important to me. Also, would love to see you at my BYO Book Club meeting on September 11. More info here.


Over the past 6 months it has been my pleasure to “facilitate” an Accountability Club with some local women. We had one in-person meeting before COVID spoiled those plans, but we have still been able to connect (almost) weekly over WhatsApp and monthly on Zoom. It has been - for me - an exercise in self-awareness, personal growth, and connection with some great pals. And I have accomplished ZERO of the goals I set way back in March. And it’s literally so great.

2020 A-Club finishes at the end of the year, and I am “opening up spots” soon for more folks to join 2021. This Accountability Club does NOT look like other ones I have found, and I am 100% okay with that. I made a new page on my site, where I wrote about what you can expect from the NLL Accountability Club, and why it might be right for you (and the way you set goals/intentions).

And if you ever just want to chat about goals, and habits, and intentions, and Septembers, I am all ears.

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