Community Garbage

Community Garbage is a Community Responsibility.

I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS ON THIS! I try not to get too preachy with my low waste shtick, but sometimes I can't shaddup about it.

Even though we've only lived in the neighbourhood for 8 months, we've walked past this field often. I personally walk past this field practically every day. And yet, there were many many seasons of garbage in this corner. It felt like an archaeological dig at one point. Just when I thought we had reached the bottom, I pulled back another layer of leaves to find yet another layer of gatdamn plastic baggies. (Don't even get me started on plastic baggies).

There were families playing in the field, and a man practicing his football moves. A few folks walked by and said something about what we were (obviously) up to. But I was the first person who thought that maybe she could help out and clean up this mess? Really?!

I believe that Community Garbage is a Community Responsibility.

Yes, this garbage is in a school field. But it's not just school garbage. There is a DQ and a Burger Baron up the road. There were bits of construction stuff, and household waste in this pile as well. Stuff that has blown from who knows where. And been trapped by the fence.

This is a place where people should feel comfortable to come and hang out with their friends and family. I mean once COVID is done of course, but it would also be a pretty sweet place for a physically distant hang out for a group. But we think, oh it's a school so the school should clean it up. You could replace "school" with church, or parking lot, or greenbelt, or pretty much any public space where we assume than someone else will be responsible.

Dudes. Dudes! It's us! There is only us!

I dunno what I'm trying to say. Just, keep your eyes open. We are in THIS together, but we are also in ALL OF THIS TOGETHER. We can each do our part. I'm not afraid of being passionate about this kind of thing, and pissing people off with my passion. I'm more afraid of being alone in this, being the only one looking out for easy opportunities to help out. I know that individual actions won't 100% get us out of this mess we've made, but they help. Every little bit helps. Lis


Picking up trash is a good habit to start in your journey towards a low waste lifestyle. If you like those "10 Reasons to..." posts, this one is for you! "Plogging" is a thing! "Plalking" is also a thing, but it sounds less snazzy. Picking up litter does actually help the environment! But I also totally agree that doing so doesn't address the root cause of the problem: too much plastic crap out there. This resource has some kid-friendly tips and reflection questions when out picking up trash together.

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