CREATIVE: Word of the Year Scrapbook

I had this post slotted in for March because I thought I would have my 2021 Word Documentation System (™) in place by now. Alas, I have not been very strong in that area this year. In other words, I started doing it one way and I hate it. So I’ve been ignoring it. I’m sure many of y’all out there know what that’s about!

But, as with many activities in my life, sometimes all it takes to really dig deep and figure it out is laying it bare on the internet!

But seriously…

Here is the scrapbook/art journal I started.

Let’s list the things I hate about it!

  • The colour choices

  • The pages are TOO BIG

  • There are a lot of pages, and while I know it has to last the whole year it is very intimidating today

  • I have no ideas

Now let’s list how I can fix each of those things!

The colour choices. See it’s right there in the name: choices. While I am excited about these colours in my life, I am not excited about them in this book. So I will stick with black for now, and add in a bit of colour - probably blue and orange - as I go. But only a little bit.

The pages are TOO BIG is a smidge harder, as this is the book I chose and the pages are the size that they are. The “too big” is a problem because I feel like I have to fill each page. And all that blank space is intimidating. So how can I continue to use this book, and make the pages smaller without actually making them smaller? A question for the ages!

There are a lot of pages. Not much I can do about that one. So I am going to have to live with it a bit and see how I feel once I move through the first two issues.

And last but not least, “I have no ideas”. Well, that’s a lie. I have lots of ideas, I just need the time and mental bandwidth to execute them. It would be ever so nice to have dedicated time each week to work in here. What the hell is it about 2021 that is stopping me from being creative? I didn’t use it all up. That’s not how creativity works.

And now that I have shared this pep talk online, I feel like I can go work in this year's book.


I've done a lot of work over the years around choosing - and documenting - one Word for the year.

Ali Edwards gets the award for naming this tradition "One Little Word" - which is how I got started in it - but there are loads of other folks who talk and write about choosing a guiding word for the year. If this is a documenting and goal setting project that resonates with you, I recommend starting with a Google search.

I also love using Pinterest alongside my paper documentation. Here is my 2021 Board.

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