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While I will not be doing a traditional "December Daily" book this year, I love to look back at previous books. 2018 was a great year for December memories and memory keeping.

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I think I promised you week #2 of my 2018 December Daily album ages ago, but tis the season to forget to pick up your photos from London Drugs, and then scramble to finish your December album before January is over amiright?!

So instead of getting a few DD posts throughout the month, you got two early on and a summary Yep, this is it.

I guess to get this started, I don't think I ever shared the album I was using. Another example of when your parent's "pack rat" tendencies benefit you in the long run. My Dad gave me a few of these small binders from his old job. This one was perfect for my December Daily. I used the pages of the book as well. All the cover needed was the Christmas card I received from Lucas. Cut the back off, apply some adhesive, and voila!

As per past books, I added some of the Christmas cards we received to the back of the book. It makes the book a bit bulkier, but it's important for me to include them. I also stuck an envelope to the inside cover to include all the newsletters we received. The envelope is also significant, as my Dad always sends me one with a cool stamp!

And that's it! I think I have one page left to finish, as I always forget to print at least one photo. This is definitely one of those projects that you can tailor to your needs/supplies/goals. I have learned over the years that I love being constrained for my December Daily. Limited supplies, limited space, limited's much less overwhelming and ensures I will actually complete the book. This year I limited myself farther than I have before, and the ease at which this book came together proves that I am on the right track.

Dan & I (mostly Dan) even built an amazing storage/display for my albums that I can't wait to share with you! This book is going in there so we can enjoy it throughout the year.


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