Let me be your "Compost Mentor"

All your compost (and recycling, and reuse, and "low waste lifestyle") questions answered in this one-on-one session with me! I come to your home (see COVID note below), and you can pick my brain AND put me to work!

Some things we could tackle during our time together:

- Waste or recycle bin audit

- Set up a compost system

- Troubleshoot your current compost system

- Harvest finished compost

- Brainstorm ways you can reduce your waste at home - then put into action!

I will call you one week ahead of your scheduled date so we can discuss your goals for our session. There might be homework for both of us so we can make the most of our time together!

COVID NOTE: Appropriate physical distancing as currently recommended by AHS is mandatory, but otherwise I will work around your comfort level.

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