No Spend Month - Day 1

A quick start to the week - and the month! - today. Last year I participated in "No Spend February" hosted by Bravely Go. I've learned a lot from her newsletters and Instagram over the years, and she is also just a really fun person! (Her IG stories explaining Gamestop were 'chef's kiss'). I am traditionally good at saving, and not great at budgeting and planning where to spend my money. In my late 20s to early 30s I sent money frivolously and thoughtlessly. Now I have swung the complete opposite way and am paralyzed when I have to buy even things that I need.

Enter a (free) money challenge!

Money challenges are hit and miss for me, but I like this one. There aren't daily challenges (because who the hell has time for that?!), only weekly newsletters with tips and actions to try that week. This week for example she is having us look for time and money sucks. And as a huge bonus, she puts everything out there in a super casual, low stress way that folks with any money background can understand. I especially love her "values based budgeting" tips. She calls herself a "financial feminist", she's Latina, and she doesn't shy away from the big systemic issues that effect people's ability to pay their bills and save (like racism, wealth inequality, and sexism).

If you want to join me in No Spend February, click here.

I'll be back here at the end of the month to let you know how it went!


I have written about money before! Just because I'm not great at it now, doesn't mean I haven't been trying!

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P.S. The header photo is a picture of one of Lucas' jars he keeps in his bedroom. He gets allowance at my place, and 50% goes into his savings jar. The other 50% he can do with whatever he wants. Every 6 months to a year he counts everything in his savings jar and it goes into his bank account. Savings education should start early. This year I think we're going to have to start talking about budgets, savings goals, and mutual aid. Too bad Bravely Go is mostly geared toward Millennials and not Generation Whatever Lucas Is!

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