Third Quarter Books Read (2020)

First off, I want to start by identifying a problem. I was really really great at tracking my books on my old Blog. But once I moved over to this site, I kind of stopped doing that. I love having a record of all the books I read in a year, and didn’t create a page for that on the new site because it didn’t seem to “fit” the vision I had for the Not Ladylike Community. Thinking I would just keep adding books to the old site wasn’t enough. The paper notebook I squirreled away out of site wasn’t enough. No proper plans were made, so this beautiful habit I formed over the past 9 years died on the table.

That makes me kind of sad.

I made myself some beautiful new intentions around my reading goals, and I guess now I need a beautiful new way to keep track of those reading goals. Any ideas?

While I ponder that in the background, let’s move on to a little recap and review of the past few months in Books Lisa Read.


According to my not wholly reliable book log, I read 21 books from July through to the end of September. And I reached my “traditional” book goal of 52 read on September 20th. This year I upped the ante and pushed my goal to 60 books.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite for the quarter. There were so many good ones! (That’s the best kind of problem to have!). Once I looked over the list again with a more discerning eye, The Book of M was an easy choice. So many great themes in this one, including a magical apocalyptic event, an adventure across an unforgiving landscape, memory loss and love. The ending was a gut punch, and it gave me a lot to think about. Plus it was super fun and exciting!


I set a few goals for myself at the beginning of the year, mostly to help direct my reading and give me something to reach for. I am very relaxed about reading goals, but having the focus is so helpful.

I am at 3 of 5 Short Story Collections for the year, and I’ve put two on hold at the library so I should be able to hit this one by the end of 2020. I have read 16 non-fiction books so far this year, and 9 were written by women, so I’m definitely on track there! My “Read 25 books by "Diverse" authors” has become “Read 25 books by BIPOC”, and I read 10 this last quarter alone. This was a huge chunk of my total goal (almost half) so I am really pleased at the results so far. There is always room for improvement, and I’ve got an eye on my TBR for this.

My “new” goals were meant to both enhance and fit in with my original goals.


What’s on the TBR (to be read) pile for the rest of the year? Thankfully, I started myself a list of books related to my new book goals. I made THREE general goals, and am allowing myself only FIVE BOOKS on deck for each of those goals. I put those on hold as I finish other books, then add to the list. It’s a simple system, but it’s working so far. And because I can only have 5 books per goal I don’t feel overwhelmed with a 200+ book TBR list (hello Goodreads).

On deck right now are:

  • FUN READ: A Nalo Hopkinson short story collection (horror/spooky books are a must for this season!)

  • WORK ON ME: Juggling Mother (gifted by my boss...I’m reading it ahead of him so I can give my review before he starts recommending it to other people!)

  • LEARN ABOUT THE WORLD: Between Past & Future by Hannah Arendt and Well Behaved Women seldom make history by Laurel Ulrich

I threw a few links down at the bottom with lists I’m using to build my TBR. It’s October, so it’s time for more spooky books. Yes please. Maybe I’ll do a blog specifically dedicated to my fave spooky reads. Into it?


The first BYO Book Club event was just my SIL and me sitting in the park down the street from my house, chatting about books. It was so much fun. I started BYO Book Club for many reasons, but the most selfish one is this: I want to talk about books with people who like books. I found this was lacking in my daily life, so I started a club (put it on my tombstone).

Our October meet up is on the 16th, and if you are in or around Edmonton - and you love books - I would love to see you there!


Horror Short Story Collections; 9 Books to Maximize Your Chills & Thrills by K.W. Colyard (Book Riot)

Explore Indigenous Futurisms with These SFF Books by Indigenous Authors by Danika Ellis (Book Riot)

October 16 BYO Book Club Meet up - Event Listing

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